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Hello, I'm Joseph Silipo a professional pixel artist and animator. You might also know me as Hexcode.

Adaptable and offering a variety of styles, I experiment with color palettes, pixel clusters, silhouettes and texture patterns to produce game art that is functional and appealing.

My approach to art is somewhat logical - first I discover what I want to achieve, then I practise to achieve that. Iteration via feedback is a key part of my passion to continuously improve. Producing my best art while working with a small team of dedicated and flexible thinkers - yet enjoying space to focus independently.

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Joseph my man, you are without a doubt the most talented human being I've ever met. It's always a pleasure to work with you and I know that whenever I'm in need of your services you'll only ever produce the finest of pixels. Your quality and work ethic shows through your work and I can't recommend you enough. Keep it up man.

@DanielYalg | Nov 2017

You have done some seriously great work here Joe, you have no idea how pleased I am with these. I will be recommending you to all my streamer buds.

@_BoshTweets | Jun 2017

I'd like to highly recommend working with Hexcode. He's friendly, professional, and also cares about the quality of the work. When I was unsure about resolution sizes for sprites, he gave me a nice overview of different sizes and styles to help me make more informed decisions. He's incredibly responsive to feedback and I'm very happy with his production speed as well. Even though he's knowledgeable, he likes to learn and improve his skills too. I recommend all to check out his work. You will be quite happy.

@SidegunnerGame | Jun 2017

I'm very happy with the result, thanks again for doing this. I look forward to working with you again in the future...

J.Bridge | Jun 2017

Dude, these characters are exceptional.

@francois_kirsten | Aug 2017

Thank you so much for an amazing commission and design work. I am exceptionally happy with the work you have done. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

@linkraptor | Oct 2017

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